Photograph by Kim Voelker

Photograph by Kim Voelker

A man’s character may be learned from the adjectives which he habitually uses in conversation.
— Mark Twain


My Unofficial Character Sketch

How did I get here? I ask myself that question all the time. Currently, I'm a freelance copyeditor, but I originally went to school for psychology. After I earned my degree, I realized it wasn't for me (much to my parent's chagrin) and soon found myself in the world of health and fitness. I trained a wide variety of people and made a lot of observations along the way (see, I did put that degree to good use!). The one thing that really stood out is the fact that everyone is constantly battling for better health. You struggle, I struggle, and trust me--we are not alone. Over the years I tried to piece together why it was so difficult, why it was a never-ending battle, and how we could each overcome our individual conflicts. I came up with nothing. Then one day, it was revealed to me: there is an enemy so cunning, and so sly, we don't even realize he's attacking us on our very own turf, every single day.

A Digression into Faith

My faith lies firmly in Christ. I believe there is a spiritual war between good and evil going on around us all the time. You might not agree with me, or you might be uncertain, but I hope you don't run off right away. I hope you'll keep an open mind, poke around a bit, and maybe you can find a way to reconcile what I have to say with your own thoughts.

I Should Probably Mention

I'm not a doctor. I don't even play one on TV. I think you should have a doctor you like and trust, but I hope you only have to visit the office on rare occasions. I'm not going to give you medical advice or make any claims. If you ever have any doubts or questions, check with your physician. 



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