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When you open your refrigerator door for a late night snack do you expect to see Satan sitting inside? Most likely not, yet there he perches, pointing to the leftover slice of cheesecake you know you should refuse. He softly whispers seductive words until you give in, grab your fork, and devour it, down to the last crumb.

Feeding Demons exposes the real enemy in the battle of the bulge—which is neither carbohydrate nor calorie. The true combatant is simply using delicious food to tempt and lure us into a miserable world of gluttony and depression. Poor eating habits harm us emotionally, physically, and spiritually leading us to an early and torturous death. Why are we such easy prey? How has Satan managed to defeat over half of the American population using one of his oldest known tactics? Most of us are simply unaware and it is nearly impossible to win a war if we don’t know our true adversary and the depths of his wickedness. Feeding Demons is an eye-opening revelation allowing us to clearly see our foe and retaliate with confidence to eliminate Satan’s stronghold on our eating habits.