Feeding Demons Press Release

Christian author spotlights the devil—in your refrigerator.

In her newly released book, Feeding Demons, author Nicole Grant exposes Satan’s use of food to get and keep us miserable. Nearly every person struggles with food on some level and we are quick to blame calories, chemicals, genetics, lack of exercise, and our environment; the problem is, it’s not working.

We all know the staggering statistics of weight and disease facing our nation, but we have yet to understand the why. Feeding Demons sheds new light on an age-old problem by unmasking the real villain and his desire to harm us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Feeding Demons will empower readers to gain the upper hand in the battle of the bulge once and for all. By revealing the enemy’s tactics and offering tips to retaliate, readers can finally claim victory with food and weight issues.

“Feeding Demons lifts the veil on the life-long struggle we all have with food. Focusing on how the devil has used food as a weapon since the beginning, Nicole gives us this insightful playbook of how to once and for all conquer the enemy in this area! Whether you struggle with your weight or not, this is a must-read for everyone in your family, male or female.”      -Pastor Jeremy Malick, Christian and Missionary Alliance

Nicole Grant received her formal education in psychology, but shortly thereafter segued into health and well-being. Over many years working as a fitness specialist and Wellness Director, Nicole has witnessed the mental, physical, and spiritual battles involving food that we are all faced with at some point. Nicole has felt the calling to follow her passion of writing, but remains active in the fitness world.

To learn more and to read Nicole’s blog, please visit www.feedingdemonsbook.com

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